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2014 years how fast unsecured loans increase credit line

in today's society, the loans for more investment and consumption possible in advance. Unsecured loans in particular, because of its low threshold, application flexibility, and many working people of all ages. Many workers choose to tens of thousands of Yuan loans investment professional, reduce credit card debt tensions, or spend to improve the quality of life.

so are the salaried working group, how can Bank up to an unsecured loan?
first, the correct wages. Unsecured loan conditions mentioned in salary before taxes, far removed from the clock in wages we get. Pre-tax monthly wage does not include Provident Fund, individual income tax and social security deductions, plus bonus/12. Therefore, when calculating the salary before taxes, plus the aforementioned items. With these items, monthly salary before taxes will be higher than the real punch in wages in two to 3,000. On the premise of good credit, banks can provide salary before taxes 8-10 times the loan amount. Therefore, the correct calculation of wages, you will get two more than 30,000 line of credit.

Secondly, your service unit type. For different applications, excellent grant paid in Bank there is a category called. They are civil servants, career staff official, large State-owned enterprises and the world's top 500 enterprises. These excellent Award for wage earners, banks may salary before tax provides more than 10 times the wage.
and then maintain your "economic identity card". Credit records are also referred to as the modern "economic identity card". Especially in unsecured loans, good credit history is the Foundation of Bank loan for you. Maintains credit records have several basic bottom line it is best not to touch, such as overdue for more than 90 days, or nearly twice the three-month delay, three times in the past six months overdue, four times a year overdue. Only maintaining a good credit history, banks can rest assured that the loan to you. However, banks generally just look at nearly two years of credit history, breaking a two-year loan is no big deal.

Finally, provide proof of real estate or cars. If your House or car, banks will increase the loan amount for you. So that when we apply for unsecured loans do not forget your car title.

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