Program introduction

Can receive a maximum of 100,000 yuan interest-free unsecured guarantees financial support

On October 29, the reporter learned from the North Mission District, the district launched the "Qing feng, future entrepreneurs programme" helps youth solve Fund bottleneck problems encountered in developing new businesses, eligible young entrepreneurs up to receive 100,000 yuan a year interest free, unsecured, secured to donate financial support.
"Qing feng, future entrepreneurs programme" is the focus of innovation excellence, Jiangbei District branding project, total funds total 3 million Yuan, is mainly used for initial youth per person 1 year interest free, unsecured, free of security, not more than 100,000 yuan of funds and a year of mentoring.
the plans to small micro-enterprise for helping focus, helping object needed has following conditions: age in 18-40 age Zhijian, account to in North or to North venture of youth; has excellent of venture quality and venture passion; has good of commercial ideas and venture project; lack necessary of venture funds; yet started venture or business registered not full 3 years; credit degree good, no bad credit records.
youth interested in the scheme may apply to the Mission District, Jiangbei, Mission District, Jiangbei mentor team will be invited to review their project. If the review by, and will receive financial support. BACK PAGE