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Cold exposure of State-owned banks in the unsecured loan market reasons

Look to the unsecured loan market, with "ice fire" to describe the scene in front of banks but it suits. Citi Bank, ping an Bank, Huaxia Bank, Standard Chartered Bank and other non-State-owned bank, are all extremely crowded and busy, then set his sights on State-owned banks such as ICBC, CCB, Bank of China, are experiencing empty, there is no city of winters. So, why the State-owned bank when cold?
in fact, instead of saying "cold case" rather than "besieged city, no one else knows about" to describe the State-owned bank's inner monologue is more appropriate. In other words, business loans without collateral, to them, would not matter, but a question of want. Set high above the application threshold, many users out of reach, she couldn't help feeling not to join, but not rushed. A case study of personal credit loans of the industrial and commercial bank, not only has identified 9 application conditions, the speech was all "xianpinaifu" concept. Specifically, in addition to common requirements such as age, income, credit, also requires borrowers to meet "earning more than 200,000 yuan today, personal loans amounting to 1 million Yuan, household net worth over 3 million" in conditions such as, across the application threshold.
as big state-owned banks, natural is the oil shortage of microcredit out of interest, to carry out the business, probably just to serve as window dressing, aimed at big customers in the mortgage market, is their main direction, whether the application threshold or the interest rate pricing, there are in the mortgage market, could take hold advantages.
in summary, if your mediocre, but have added to favor unsecured loans, most efficient lending, is undoubtedly the first to hope for the non-State-owned bank, as long as you have good credit, steady income and substantial (more than 4000 Yuan), and issued to the punch, securing a loan it is the probability of the event. If Bank found, also without down, also can back and seeking second, to small loan company, and P2P platform or investment company, non-bank loan institutions issued application, was Yu for "civilians Bank" of they, only requirements borrowing people credit good, work stable can, usually on income not established too high requirements, addition, also can accept cash received wage, has since save water of user application. BACK PAGE