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Consumer finance counter attacked banks and consumer Corporation Board

focus on individual consumption loan business of consumer finance companies are banks, capital appreciation. There are 4 banks holding or has initiated the establishment of a consumer financial company, there are also at least 4 Bank consumer finance companies being restructured, including listed Bank.

in recent days, Societe Generale investment of 198 million Yuan, 66% owned Société Générale consumer finance company in Quanzhou, Fujian province was established, which is the nation's fourth "banking system" a consumer financial company.

Societe Generale Bank Deputy President Chen Jinguang said, Societe Generale consumption financial will combined consumption financial single pen award letter lines small, and approval speed fast, and without mortgage guarantees, and service way flexible, and loan term short, advantage, take force Internet trend expand personal consumption credit business, Societe Generale Bank will provides funds, and human, and technology support, and in products development, and risk management, and cross marketing, aspects give support.

after following the Bank of China, the Bank of Chengdu and Beijing Bank, Société Générale is the nation's fourth consumer finance formally licensed commercial banks, the four banks to the respective consumer finance company's stake is 66%, 51%, 51% and 35%.

at present, the Bank is a consumer financial company team is expanding. According to the securities times, incomplete statistics, China Merchants Bank (funded through Wing Lung Bank), Bank of Hubei, huishang Bank, Bank of Chongqing 4 Bank initiated the establishment of a consumer financial company has already been approved to build, is expected to soon officially opened.

why banks sell consumer finance license? Huatai securities Banking Analyst Zhang shuai think has two aspects reasons: first, consumption class loan quality compared quality, General personal consumers relative Yu medium enterprise and Bank high-end customer, bargaining capacity than lower, so consumption financial company can gets more high of loan profit, and personal consumption class loan bad rate often below Bank of average bad rate; second, due to consumption class loan lines low, and pen number high, hard attract Bank a loan sector of enthusiasm, established consumption financial company, Equivalent to the loan business as a separate business unit is specialized, bulk operations, more accurate and rapid development of the retail business.

Zhang shuai think, from 16 home shares listed Bank of data view, consumption class loan scale limited, only has 10.5 billion yuan scale (statistics caliber contains credit card, and car loan, and housing decoration, uses of loan, not containing business class and housing mortgage loan), but from abroad development experience view, with China consumption domestic demand of activated, future "cake" will more do more big.

banking and consumer private boarding

is notable, outside of banks, consumer finance company's shareholders, also includes retail consumer's private enterprises, such as step, and Societe Generale Bank, Hefei department stores and Merchants Bank, Bank of Chongqing, Chongqing department store together, and so on. In addition, the capital began to separate consumer financial companies. Analysts believe that banks are keen to "Woo" consumer private shareholder, policy reasons behind, also has the advantages of synergy drive.

at a recent Conference of the 2015 National Conference on banking supervision, said Shang Fulin, Chairman of the CBRC wants to expand the range of pilot consumer finance companies, extensive participation of eligible private capital.

CASS Finance Bank says Zeng Gang, Director of the Research Office, the consumer finance company's private shareholders itself engaged in industrial and national or regional market leader, banks and their cooperation can not only make the consumer finance company's marketing model is more flexible, and more closely combined with the real economy.

recently, the first by a combination of industry initiated the establishment of a consumer financial company--Haier business also approved a consumer finance company. Haier said Haier consumer finance for Haier users, providing financial products is closely related to family life, such as home appliances, home, travel and other consumer products in phases.

Zeng Gang believes that Haier to establish consumer finance company, from the "consumer" counter attack "Finance" may become a more viable format. Used to have a better understanding of the consumer business to consumer, be able to provide more accurate consumer financial products, with the traditional model of banking differentiation competition, for the consumer finance industry will play a greater role in promoting development.