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Personal loan interest rate and the amount the four frequently asked questions

with the transformation of consumer attitudes, consumption loans had taken root. However, before the loan, know mortgage auto loan basics are critical. The following are common questions:

question: how to determine the rate of individual housing loan?
response: loan term floating rates for more than a year of personal housing loan interest rates along with the people's Bank of China adjusted by adjusting the interest rates. Lower interest rate management, lower interest rate loans for appropriate term grade 0.9 times times the benchmark interest rate, the ceiling open, lender according to the credit status of the borrower, such as float.

problem: car loan what is the amount?
reply: personal car loan does not exceed the borrower's purchase price of 80%, business car loan does not exceed the purchase price of 70%; used car loan does not exceed the price of the 50%.

question: how personal loan interest?
reply: when calculating interest on a personal loan, usually using two kinds of interest that monthly income and interest by the day. Interest is generally divided into annual interest rates, month, and day three.

question: if due to objective reasons cannot repay the loan on time, what should I do?
reply: borrowers should take the initiative to contact the lender, according to the actual situation and the banks agreed to the repayment plan.