Program introduction

Recognizing unique microfinance on employment function

Vice President Pan gongsheng, attended the "China International Seminar on micro-finance and micro-finance in Latin America" on November 1, 2012, the people's Bank of China held in Haikou with the Inter-American Development Bank China "international seminar on micro-finance and micro-finance in Latin America", Hainan Provincial people's Government held a welcoming ceremony on October 31. Members of the Party Committee of people's Bank of China, Vice President Pan gongsheng, attended and delivered a speech.
Pan gongsheng, noted that the holding of this seminar is to implement the rules of the joint financing with the Inter-American Development Bank signed memorandum of understanding on cooperation, an important part of deepening bilateral exchanges and cooperation. Introducing China's experience, the
, Pan gongsheng, pointed out that the Chinese Government has always attached importance to the development and reform of rural finance to support the development of micro-credit and micro-finance. Since 1999, supporting agriculture loans driven by the PBC, began to gradually extend small loans of rural credit cooperatives, to ease the problems of farmers ' loans play an important role, particularly household micro-credit loans and guaranteed loans such as UNPROFOR have been expanding, and achieved good economic results and social repercussions. Rural finance and microfinance "high cost, high risk" characteristics such as the departments of the people's Bank of China, in conjunction with a series of measures, and gradually form a combination of fiscal, taxation and financial policies supporting policy system.
Pan gongsheng, mentioned that the international micro-finance in recent years in technology and service models are breaking changes, profit model of microfinance, technology innovation, funding and supervision on the characteristics and development of new, international growth of microcredit. For 2010 yilai individual national and area occurred of small credit crisis, Pan gongsheng, pointed out that both awareness to small credit in support reduction poverty, and employment and venture, aspects by has of unique function, while, should height concern current international Shang on micro financial and small credit field "excessive commercial" and borrowing people "excessive liabilities", problem of discussion, exploration through small credit information shared, and optimization policy support and intervention, and sound market regulatory and rating system, policy measures, Promote sustainable development of micro-finance and micro-credit health to ensure its support for low-income groups, "San Nong" and to play a more active role in the development of micro-enterprises.
from Latin America and the Caribbean and the national micro-finance and micro-finance experts and institutions such as the rural credit cooperatives in some provinces and cities officials participated in the seminar, and micro-finance and micro-finance development, information technology and the rating sources, micro-credit financing, regulatory system and discuss the issues such as product innovation. BACK PAGE