Program introduction

Small secured loan auditing oversight means what?

micro-credit guarantee fund refers to the Government, accounts stored in the financial institutions in charge, closed operation, for use in credit guarantee for qualified borrowers to apply for small loans to financial institutions guarantee fund in charge. Want to apply for small loans entrepreneurs, Government oversight tools are necessary.

pre-loan investigation. System queries to complete, to identity, number of loans, the loans ' credit records, the guarantor, undertaking projects to check out; field survey to be thorough, Security Center and borrowed Bank investigation, investigation must be made up of 2 per household staff to participate in, and complete the was signed by investigators, investigation procedures. Focus on identity of the entrepreneurs, start-ups, business sites, and so on, actually found the "people, card," three matches to be granted the loan.

use of funds. Not regularly tracking the borrowers, understanding of the entrepreneurial process, use of funds, venture "abnormal mortality", or diversion of funds, immediate cessation of subsidy and the recovery of loans.

the maturity of the loan. Overdue loan telephone collection letters, collection letter is a letter, door-to-door collection, fiscal deduction, the courts and other means to increase due, late payment-collection efforts, urging borrowers to meet repayment obligations, persistence and good collection for reference methods, improve the efficiency of loan recovery to ensure that lending rate above 99%.