Program introduction

Strengthen systemically important financial institutions supervision

Guard against systematic and regional financial risks is one of the important functions of the Central Bank. In the third quarter of 2012, published recently in China's monetary policy report, the Central Bank made it clear that "research policy measures for strengthening supervision of systemically important financial institutions", perfect the system of early warning and assessment of the systemic financial risks, hold the bottom line of systematic and regional financial risks do not occur.
Bank on China's current economic situation was "cautiously optimistic" attitude, the Bank thought that "the fundamentals behind China's steady and fast economic development does not change radically, is moving in the direction of China's economic structure changes, is expected to maintain steady and relatively fast growth". Worth noting is that was first proposed in the report, the Central Bank's "focus on maintaining stable monetary environment, for their adjustment and stabilization of market economy mechanisms play a role in creating the conditions" of thought. Societe Generale Chief Economist, Lu zhengwei, told reporters, this did not appear throughout the report "stimulating" the word. "This also proves that central banks are more likely to use reverse repurchase this tool more flexible alternatives reserve, unless the economic situation to deteriorate again in the future, or is less likely to cut interest rates or drop. "He said to reporters.
reporter also note to, and two quarter report compared, Bank this times in made next currency policy deployment Shi added has "research proposed strengthening system importance financial institutions regulatory of policy measures", and "sound systemic financial risk of prevention warning and assessment system, prevention entity economic part area, and industry, and enterprise risk and the non-formal financial risk to financial system conduction", target. Analysts believe that China faces external demand, the Yuan exchange rate to increase, China could face short-term capital flow volatility, local financing platforms of the partial default risk, which should maintain a high degree of attention and early prevention. BACK PAGE