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The six potential factors affecting mortgage-free

If you ask how much is mortgage-free? "Personal monthly income about 10 times. "Which is the industry's standard answer, there is no other. If we put aside the ambiguous answer, ask specifically how much, I'm afraid deep loan officer will tell you: according to your "score". This one landed, I think many people like Zhang er, monk, does not understand in addition to income, liabilities, about which potential factors that can score. Today, after 360 may wish to lift the veil of mystery for you, tell you the six potential factors affecting mortgage-free.
marital status in the eyes of some institutions, single persons, married and have children, people are married and have children, three groups are lined, stability of progressive layers of momentum. In the eyes of lenders, stronger stability, financial risk more manageable, can approve credit also the more impressive. From this point of view, marital status of people are married and have children will no doubt become a score bonus points.
2. company
If that big enterprises are facing the chance of staking, the SMEs are against the challenges of life and death. Enterprise's moment of destiny, not only about the workers job stability, and was pulled away by their credit lines. In Standard Chartered Bank, for example, in the face of common enterprise employees, loan amount to about 10 times a month times dominated play, but listed company, and scale up to thousands of people, such as employees of large enterprises, loan limit can be relaxed to earn 15 times or even 20 times the level.
3. position
If your head "Manager, Director," and other titles at the leadership level, sitting in a management position, relatively ordinary staff, lending institutions will be a bit more weight in the eyes, helps credit improve.
4. domicile
account and work in applications for local, essentially eliminates the arrears owed to you by lending institutions away reverie, therefore, this unique position will be a plus, given your composite score light splendor.
the personal assets of the individual asset, although not plays with no mortgage, but if to this "big" cameo, I believe your credit limit will be increased. In particular, no mortgage, as long as the ownership and vehicle driving license and other personal assets will increase the loan amount.
6. incomes received form
whether wages in cash or a clock distribution, as long as wages flow evidence, civil society organizations, often accept according to the order. On the face of it, as long as meet the conditions can get "credit Passport", but the pay is reflected in cash or by Bank, final loan amount but has made all the difference. There is no doubt that pay for banks, enterprises can better reflect the regularity and the authenticity of your income, so advantage is stronger than the other.